Guest Information

Guide for Guests

Welcome to The Youngstown Country Club! We are looking forward to your visit and, if we can do anything to make your visit more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to ask. Please note that it is the responsibility of every member to follow these guidelines, including informing guests of our standards. Membership at The Youngstown Country Club is special, and these guidelines are to enhance the enjoyment of the Club by everyone.

Guidelines and Dress Code

Golf Attire

Good taste should dictate mode of dress on the golf course at all times. Nonmetal spikes are required. All head wear is to be worn the correct way (not backwards or sideways). All golf shins are to be tucked into the shorts or slacks unless the golf attire is tailored to be worn out. The wearing of golf caps, visors or hats anywhere inside the Clubhouse, including the Grille Room, is not permitted.

Only approved golf shoes or tennis shoes are permitted. Those deemed by the Director of Golf to be detrimental to the course are prohibited. Jogging shoes are an example. Shoes must be worn at all times. Members, children and guests can be refused the use of the golf course and practice facilities if they are not properly attired.

Men's Appropriate Attire:
Shirts that are collared or mocked. Short or long sleeve turtlenecks. Shorts that are "Bermuda" length. Golf Slacks.
Men's Unacceptable Attire:
T-shirts, jeans, short-shorts, coaching shorts, warm-up suits, tank tops, sleeveless shirts.

Women's Appropriate Attire:
Shirts are to be collared or mocked. Short or long sleeve turtlenecks. Shorts are to be "Bermuda'. length. Golf slacks, skirts or shorts.
Women's Unacceptable Attire:
T-shirts, jeans, short-shorts, warm-up suits, tennis shoes, halters, rube styles, tank tops.

In the Clubhouse

Casual attire is permitted in the Great Hall, Club Room, Terrace Room, Garden Terrace, Patios and Lower Level Grille Rooms at all times. Gentlemen are required to wear jackets at all times in the Windsor Room. Children above the age of 6 are required to conform to the Club's dress policy, Tennis attire is appropriate for the Garden Terrace prior to 6:00 p.m. Shorts are allowed in the Club Room at all times.

Denim is prohibited in the Windsor Room and to specifically designated events. Please note that faded denim, denim attire with tatters shredded hems, sleeves, bottoms and / or holes are not permitted. Short-shorts are permitted only at the pool and tennis courts. Shirts and blouses must be tucked into slacks or skirts, unless the shirt or blouse is golf attire designed to be worn out.

Swimming Attire

Swimming attire is not to be worn away from the pool area. Dressing rooms are available in the pool locker rooms. Tennis shorts or short tennis skirts should not be worn in the Terrace Room or on the patios when refreshments are available on the pool deck or at the snack bar. Simple rules of decency should prevail so there is no reason for anyone to be offended.

Mobile Devices and Cell Phones

Except in cases of medical emergency, cell phone use is only permitted in telephone booths, privately reserved rooms, locker rooms, the tennis facility, pool area and parking lots. As a courtesy to others, any calls must be short in duration. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in all dining areas, both inside and out. On the golf course, cell phone use is not permitted in the golf practice areas, but is permitted beyond the first tee with the agreement of the members of the foursome playing. Members and their guest may carry their cell phones, but must keep the ringers on silent mode. There are conveniently placed phones throughout the Clubhouse and property, and your use of those phones is requested and appreciated.


Cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Club House or in any building located on its property. There are, however, designated areas where smoking is permitted.

Bag Drop

Golf bag drop-off and pick-up is located on the main driveway front circle area. Please stay to the right as you enter the front circle.

Parking and Valet Services

Parking is not allowed in restricted areas, specifically anywhere on the Club driveway except where posted as permissible. Self parking is available in the main lot, left of the entrance driveway. Valet parking is available at the front circle for evening events at the Club and during specified times as noted by the Valet availability sign located on the driveway approaching the main entrance of the Club.

Locker Rooms

Please see our Locker Room Managers upon arrival to be shown to your guest locker. The Men's Locker Room entrances is located to the right of the main entrance. There are two Men's Locker Rooms - one upstairs and one downstairs. Please head upstairs to the top locker room and attendant will guide you to your locker.


The Ladies Locker Room is located on the second floor in the main Clubhouse. Guests can enter through the Club's main entrance and use the stairs to the right upon entering. The Locker Rooms are located on the left hand side as you walk across the catwalk overlooking the majestic, Grand Lobby.


Dressing rooms for men and women are located in the bathhouse adjoining the pool for swimmers and tennis players 14 years and older. Lockers with combinations are available through the main office, subject to a charge. Children are not permitted in these dressing/locker rooms unless accompanied by a parent.

The ladies' locker room in the main Clubhouse is for the use of lady golfers and is not to be used by lady bathers except those who have regularly rented lockers. It is requested that damp bathing suits which are to be left in the golf locker room be given to the locker room attendant for drying.